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Who we are

Bobby Hugges is a computing services company founded by Claire Grimbert and Julien Salomon.
Located in Capbreton, Southwest france also known as French California, we're teleworking to create innovative web applications.
Literally Arts et Métiers, we are engineers, creatives, that rather wear beards than black ties.

What we do

We work on your Web 2.0 project and bring our experience in Javascript/PHP/Mysql, on missions such as :
  • Consulting / information architecture
  • mashing up APIs : Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, ... you name it !
  • Mobile/tablets applications (iOS/Android/FirefoxOS)
  • Symfony applications
  • ...
Our top-of-the-notch code is readable, well commented, and strictly valid XHTML / CSS.
We also manage eCommerce / CMS projects with Magento, Prestashop or Wordpress, and master the art of extensions and custom modules : weight sale, fidelity modules, ERP/POS integration,...

And there's more !

We're also into the hardware stuff : we're passionate about arduino, 3d printing, laser cutting, and stuff. If you're after prototyping a connected device integrated with a cutting edge modile or web application, you're at the right place.

How we work

Haute couture

Each project is unique, so we won't sell you a "all-in-one" package that wouldn't fit your needs.
We'd rather analyse it, and find the best solution without reinventing the wheel : CMS, Framework, librairies, using open-source and free software, you pay a fair price for a custom code.

Free software

Free software is our way of life.
We think science and and technology should be open and available for everyone, not copyrighted.
When we deliver you open source code, you're free to modificate it, with us or other partners.


We are not machines, and we want to raise our childrens in a nice environment close to the sea, that's why we work this way.
With more than 10 years of teleworking, we are more reactive and competitive : real estate and transport cost are up to 30% less on your bill.


We're not talking about greenpainting our communication, but concrete actions such as :
  • using low voltage computers
  • recycling our electronic stuff : second hand, charity gift
  • a "zero print" policy : only our legal documents are printed
  • no drive to work :less than 100 km for 2013
  • vermicomposting our paper trash
  • limitation of electronic gadgets

Our clients

Symfony applications

Magento ecommerce

Agency contracts

  • Google
  • HEC Paris
  • Arvato
  • Française des jeux
  • ...


Contact us


contact - at -

skype / aim : bobbyhugges  Skype me!

phone : +33 607 386 502 / +33 558 721 244
Bobby Hugges Multimédia - 20 rue du général de gaulle - 40130 Capbreton - R.C.S. Dax 499 247 328

We're hiring

Currently opened positions
  • Stage fin d'étude / Ingénieur - développeur symfony/android

    Futur ingénieur polyvalent (ICAM, Insa,...), vous lancez le développement d'une grosse application web écrite en symfony, et son application android associée.durée : 5/6 mois
  • Stage milieu d'étude / Ingénieur - développeur android

    De formation ingénieur ou BTS/IUT info expérimenté, vous participez à l'écriture d'une application android écrite avec le framework python kivy.durée : 3 mois +
  • Stage fin d'étude / Ingénieur - Mc Gyver

    Futur ingénieur polyvalent (ICAM, Insa,...), vous participez à la création d'un projet openhardware, depuis la conception CAO jusqu'à l'écriture du code Arduino de la machine.durée : 5/6 mois
  • Candidature spontanée / freelance

    Nous sommes toujours à la recherche de nouveaux talents. Ingénieurs, graphistes, designers, makers, viendez !

Oh wait, there's more !

Did we forget to say we're geeks ?